Dominatrix on Trial: Bedford vs. Canada

* The 2012 Prostitution Appeal Decision: An Expression of Gratitude.

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Terri-Jean Bedford author of Dominatrix on TrialBibliographic Information:

Title: Dominatrix on Trial: Bedford vs. Canada
Author: Terri-Jean Bedford
Language: English

Publisher: iUniverse
Published: June 21, 2011
Editorial Recognition:
  Editor's Choice
  Rising Star (iUniverse)
  Rising Star (Barnes & Noble)

Pages: 276
Size: 6x9
  Perfect Bound Softcover (B/W)
  Dust Jacket Hardcover (B/W)

ISBN-10: 1462026761
ISBN-13: 9781462026760

Print Type: B/W
Pictures: 20
Rating: 5 Stars from 1 review



Pictures in the book:
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Book Overview

Terri-Jean Bedford is one of Canada's most notorious citizens—but few know her under that name. As Madame de Sade, however, she is Canada's most famous dominatrix, a well-known public figure. These are her long-awaited memoirs...

Book Review

Wow!! Dominatrix on Trial - What a Book!! by a customer posted September 19, 2011
Rating: ***** 5 Stars

I want to recommend Dominatrix on Trial, by Terri-Jean Bedford. Her story is moving and maddening by turns...

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Books now @  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Chapters

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